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Week 2: Adding Links and basic html

January 13, 2010 Leave a comment

Students should complete two different activities this week, adding links to the BLOGROLL widget and creating a TEXT widget to input an image with a HYPERLINK to a popular site.

1. Adding links to the blogroll is an easy process. On the dashboard, there is a blogroll Links faq section. This shows you how to add new links to the widget. Perhaps ask your friends for their blog url’s? Or, add any websites which you read regularly.  

2. Create a text widget in the the sidebar, add an image and then create a hyperlink from this to an external website. The steps to completing this are: a) create new blog post. (This does not need a title as we’re only using the image and the html wich will be associated with it. b) Insert an image.  c) Create a hyperlink to an external website. d) Select the html tab. (There are two editing tabs in posts; Visual and HTML.) e) Select the text (using Ctrl C) f) Navigate back to your text widget you created earlier. g) Paste the text into the widget. (You will have noted that the text is in html.) h) Save the work in the widget, close and visit the site to see the results.

Please remember that help for wordpress blogs is available on the support page.

Extension: Add another blog post, comment on a friend’s blog, investigate other widgets.

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