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Week 5: More on Image Manipulation

January 31, 2010 Leave a comment

Following on from our lesson on logos, we’ll be experimenting with Adobe Premier Elements and creating many different types of images. I’m sure students will find this activity fun! I thought it would be an idea to have a “guest” teacher for this section, so we’ll be following tutorials from Mr Clarkson, who teaches ICT in the North East of England.

Mr Clarkson’s students usually work with several graphic applications and not all of the tutorials for Photoshop are covered. However, GIMP is a very similar graphic application, so students shoud look at these instead. Students do not have to follow the order of the tutorials, although this is advisable because of the level of difficulty. Students MUST complete all of the tutorials in the coming weeks.

Please remember to always us Creative Commons if you’re sourcing images from the Internet. Also remember that if you’re stuck and wanting to move on with a task, you can also use the “HELP” files within Adobe Premier Elements to get ahead.

Click on the image below in order to navigate to Mr Clarkson’s tutorials on Image Manipulation.  

(Image from Flickr Creative Commons: TobyC69)

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