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Week 9 – Internet Safety

November 13, 2009 Leave a comment

We’ll be completing a project on Responsible Internet Use over the next three weeks. Girl-on-computer-420x0

This will cover:

1. Internet Safety: To include acceptable behaviour in communicating online, being careful online, (via any medium including social networks and chat) the passing out of personal details and arrangments regarding meeting up of new online friends. This lesson comes with a questionnaire from the ThinkUKnow website.

2. Cyber bullying: To include aspects of harassment, bullying, stalking, and any other type of abuse.

3. Other factors to be aware of: Phishing scams, virus downloads, data protection (not to use other students login details, log off  if one finds a computer with a staff member logged in) copyright and plagiarism of online resources.

Students are encouraged to visit the web links to the right hand side of the blog entry, in their own time.

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