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Week 5 – Spreadsheets Review, Lesson 3

September 30, 2009 2 comments

Once students have completed the activities from Lesson 2, we’ll revise what has been learnt thus far. The following will be included:

1. Resize columns                  pound sign

2. Format cells as currency                      

3. Autofill a formula

4. Use of the SUM function

5. Renaming a Worksheet tab

6. Delete an unused Worksheet

7. Insert a row

8. Merge cells

9. Set a print area and show gridlines and headers in printout

Afterwards, students should continue with the Harry Plotter Project. Remember to use the Excel video tutorials if you need further explanation.

Task 1.  

Read Lesson 3 Task (pdf file)

Task 2.

Complete the Lesson 3. xls (Spreadsheet) You will need to find the .xls file in the Lesson 3 section of the page, and save it to your user area.

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