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Week 3 – Spreadsheets Lesson 1

September 18, 2009 Leave a comment


This week we’ll be starting with a quick skills check list and then move onto some Spreadsheet work. Students can find the work on the Key Stage 3 Section of the teach-ict website. (Ignore the references to cost – it’s free.)

There are excellent resources which allow students to get to grips with the theory of spreadsheets, a games section where you can test your skills and a further section which enables students to check where their skills are lacking, and complete a series of exercises on the Harry Plotter modelling task.

Students need to complete the following tasks:

Task 1: Complete the ‘Test your Skills’ .xls from the Harry Plotter link above. You will need to save the file to your user area on the network first.

Task 2: Read through the Project 1 Presentation.

Task 3: Complete the ‘Harry Plotter shopping list’ spreadsheet exercise.

Use the Spreadsheet videos if you need further help or explanation, type relevant key words into a Google search, or ask the teacher.

Extension Task : Complete the lesson2 starter .xls from Lesson 2. This file must also be saved to your user area before you start it.

In all cases, as these are web-based activities, be patient when the files load on opening.