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Week 2: More Scratch

April 20, 2010 Leave a comment

More Scratch this week! We’ll be covering the creation of sprites (sharks) which bite and swallow their prey and then counting the total number consumed.  Students have made excellent progress thus far. Don’t forget to sign onto the Scratch website and download some projects. Study the scripts and experiment with them in your own projects. Use the support option from the website if you need help when you’re working from home.

For further experimentation, there are several good tutorials from the learnscratch website. Three main PDF tutorials cover working with sprites, movement and some advanced projects. The site has good video help.

Students should move on now and attempt to create several different types of games. All the games cover basic building blocks in Scratch programming, but in completing several of them, you will be consolidating what you’ve learnt as well as learning new “code” blocks.

1. There a three videos on making a shooting game, a top down racing game and pong and although they are optional, students should at least try one or two of these. 

2. Students may also follow these instructions for making a PacMan game within a maze. The PDF files are quite large, so be patient when they open. (A big thanks to Mr Williams from Perins School for the tutorial.) Have fun and experiment! 


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